Are you starting a business?

Choosing the form of business

Which form of business is best for you? Why is limited partnership currently so popular, and what is double taxation in companies? What are the risks of operating as a sole trader? We advise how to organise your business, taking into account its specific characteristics, operating costs, tax burden and the security of your personal assets.

Business registration (also via the Internet)

You know that contracts are needed in case something goes wrong, don’t you? This principle also applies to partnership agreements and articles of association, which are usually binding on partners and shareholders for many years. That is why, it is worth to structure issues that are key for the partners/shareholders in a clear and exhaustive manner right at the start – issues such as the distribution of profits, rights and obligations of partners/shareholders or the Management Board, securing the interests of the partner’s/shareholder’s family in the event of his/her death, exit strategies that do not ruin the business or the partner/shareholder. We prepare draft agreements for all types of business organisations (civil law partnerships, registered partnerships, professional partnerships, limited liability companies, and joint-stock companies), cooperating with the best notaries in the region. We make every effort to ensure that the procedure of registration in the National Court Register is smooth and flawless. If our Clients do not have enough time for a standard process of establishing a business, we provide support in registering the entity via the Internet using model agreement/articles of association – after about 2-3 working days, the business organisation is registered in the National Court Register, is a holder of the tax identification number (NIP) and the business registry number (REGON).


You have a great business idea, or maybe your business needs funding for a new investment? We are fortunate to work with the top specialists in our region in acquiring EU funds through co-financing and loans, and other forms of financial support (credit facilities, leases, etc.).

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