Transformations / divisions / mergers

Are you sure that your business is keeping up with the industry and that the current structure ensures maximum work efficiency and legal and financial security?

The most frequent reasons for business transformations are: obtaining investor/external funding and the associated expansion of the company’s structure, as well as securing the entrepreneur’s personal assets and an explicit separation thereof from corporate assets (transformation of a sole trader into a partnership/company, transforming a civil law partnership into another partnership/company). We have handled all possible options of transforming business activities, including the most popular ones: transforming a civil law partnership or a limited liability company into a limited partnership, a contribution in kind of an enterprise to a partnership/company, division of a limited liability company, merger of joint-stock companies.

In addition to handling the transformation process from the formal and legal side, we prepare the whole procedure in relation to its substance, including a thorough analysis of its effects (including tax effects), and we get your team ready for changes.

Transfer and acquisition of a business

A proposal to purchase your business may seem very tempting, but the success in this type of transaction lies not in simply producing the effect of a change of ownership. What is most significant is the process itself – including a proper analysis of all tax (and accounting) aspects, the “arrangement” of relations with the business partners in a new manner and the internal organisation of the business. Any mistakes at the stage of transaction preparation may cost you big time and trigger a cascade of events with serious financial consequences. That is why, vitally important is the professional, legal and organisational support that we offer.

Investment agreements

Investor support or a joint venture agreement may be a critical incentive for the development of your business, but they require careful preparation (starting from the development of an NDA, through the performance of the due diligence, ending with the preparation of the term sheet) and the adoption of solutions concerning the assets involved, the inherent costs and risks, as well as the adopted accounting methods. Such an undertaking may take various forms – transformation of the form of activity, disposal of shares, establishment of a new entity. Our goal is to offer you solutions that serve your specific objectives while simultaneously taking care of all the details.

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