Day-to-day operation

Drawing up / analysing contracts

A good contract should be both comprehensible to the parties and as exhaustive as possible (which does not mean long!). The obligations of the parties, the securities granted (caution money, advances, guarantees, contractual penalties) and the set deadlines must not raise any doubts at the stage of concluding the contract. Although our long-standing practice shows that it is impossible to predict all twists and turns of cooperation, a good contract will constitute the most reliable navigation.

We encourage our Clients to consult with us also those contracts that are in principle non-negotiable (whenever the other party uses Terms and Conditions or standard form contracts). Why is that? Because the awareness of the contractual consequences of the parties’ actions can stop them from entering into risky business relationships.

Employment-related litigation

Disputes with employees, especially those that involve proving guilt or lack thereof in the termination of employment, can be extremely turbulent and very burdensome for the entire business organisation. Taking care of the formal side of the proceedings (including collection and presentation of evidence) must be combined with a general and wise reflection on the bottom line of the case; a win may ultimately take too heavy a toll – it is your attorney’s role to advise you the optimum solution in given circumstances. The legal issues related to employment are not limited to establishing and terminating the employment relationship. They extend to any agreements that safeguard the interests of the employer during the employment relationship, i.e., agreements related to non-competition, entrustment of assets, copyright and maintenance of the business secret.

Corporate services

Running a business entails not only the performance of business activities, but also the need to fulfil a number of formal obligations towards various parties (National Court Register, tax offices, partners/shareholders).

We provide support in general meetings, prepare resolutions and agreements (between a company and a management board member, between partners/shareholders).

Debt recovery

In 2019, one in four invoices issued by a Polish company was not paid on time. More than half of businesses were affected by late payments of over 60 days. Yes, you have no influence over the financial situation of your customers, but you can take a number of measures to prevent and minimise the effects of payment gridlock – your properly trained employees and information are key (“Information is money!”).

If overdue payments become a reality, you need to act rapidly and entrust the matter to professionals – you are certainly not the only creditor of your counterparty. Acting comprehensively and without undue delay, we will recover money from your debtors – we will send requests for payment, bring a claim to court and actively participate in the enforcement proceedings.

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